We are Manufacturing - Artificial Intelligence

Maijker Corp, is working with premier manufacturing companies (early adopters), universities and development partners to commercialize breakthrough research in AI and Sensor technology, turning it into transformational Industrial Technologies. We couple proprietary sensor design with the power of Artificial Intelligence and Neural Networks to enable a new level of Smart Manufacturing Systems and Solutions.

Maijker is coupling simple sensors with artificial intelligence to solve real world problems! The results are Profound!

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Maijker was founded by 'Makers'. We are Manufacturers, Inventors and Researchers. We believe, a deep understanding of a problem is needed to creatively resolve it. Maijker's expertise in manufacturing is incredibly deep, just like manufacturing. We apply deep technologies to solve real-world problems and we have our manufacturing partners actively validating our results.

Artificial intelligence is changing the way we interact with computers other connected devices. The technology today, has incredible implementations in search, ecommerce, advertising and social media. But its time for its implementation in other industries, this requires practicioners who can apply it to the problems those industries face. We are the 'Maijkers' (and implementers) of Artificial Intelligence for manufacturing.

Core Features

We provide novel approaches to applying AI to very specific manufacturing problems, and provide a 'pathway' using Industry Standards to enable that Intelligence in 3rd party systems and solution. We are democrating AI in manufacturing.

Proprietary sensor design that can be easily applied to many problems is a major part of our solution.

Our solution is at the Edge. We provide models to the edge so everyone can use our solutions.

Core Skills

Manufacturing Technology
Sensor Design
Edge Computing
Artificial Intelligence

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