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Martin Jun

CEO, Founding Partner

Martin Jun, Ph.D.

Dr. Martin Jun is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Maijker Corp. He is the inventor of a novel sound-based sensor system, which is the seed technology that Maijker Corps spun out from. Dr. Jun is also an Associate Professor of the School of Mechanical Engineering at the Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN, USA. He has extensive research experience in manufacturing processes and systems. He has more than 20 years of involvement in manufacturing research. He has been actively conducting research in smart manufacturing, digitalization of process and systems, and low-cost sensors for smart monitoring.

Michael Meyer

Mr. Meyer is the Chief Operations Officer Maijker Corp. He has a master's in physics, an MBA, and 25 years of experience in the manufacturing industry. He's highly skilled in areas of product development, contract negotiation, marketing, and vendor relations. He's collaborated with companies like Ingersoll Milling Machine Company and Bosch Rexroth, selling solutions to big players in aerospace and automotive sectors.

Michael Meyer

Chief Operations Officer

John Murphy

Chief Architect

John J. Murphy

John Murphy serves as the Chief Architect at Maijker Corp and is the Founder and CEO of True Analytics Manufacturing Solution (TAMS). He holds degrees in both Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and Computer Science from Oregon State, and has extensive real-world experience in high-tolerance manufacturing processes and Industrial Software Development. John has introduced multiple smart manufacturing platforms and developed tailored software solutions for Tool Management, CAM, and simulation, streamlining NC machining automation. One of his notable contributions is the 'Revolution Core Platform', an IIoT solution rooted in MTConnect. His knowledge extends to industrial standards and data models, encompassing ISO13399, DIN4000, B2MML, and QIF.

Trais McAllister

Trais McAllister holds the position of Chief Technology Officer at Maijker Corp. Beyond this role, he stands as the Founder and CTO of True Analytics Manufacturing Solutions (TAMS). Throughout his career, Trais has been at the forefront of revolutionizing manufacturing processes. This is showcased through the co-creation of the TAMS RevolutionCore IIoT platform, highlighting his exceptional capabilities as an innovative Software Engineer. This creation is a testament to the invaluable insights he brings from hands-on experience operating machinery. Trais is a leader in the realm of industry standards. As the Chair of the Validation Working Group at the MTConnect Institute, he plays a pivotal role in shaping and setting industry benchmarks, enhancing Maijker Corp's prominence in the sector.

Trais McAllister

Chief Technology Officer